Part 3 - Activate Udocx on your MFP Device(s)

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Activate Udocx on Your MFP device(s)

The set-up of MFP device(s) is done in the Udocx Admin portal.  This procedure is required once per device. 

First, the Udocx Admin needs to add the MFP device(s) by selecting ‘MFPs’ from the menu on the left side of the screen, then selecting "add new MFP" and completing the mandatory fields.  It’s important to choose the appropriate manufacturer and to provide the correct serial number.

Depending on the MFP manufacturer, different steps must be followed to configure the device for Udocx.  Simply follow the steps as described in the respective Udocx knowledge base articles:

Configure your HP MFP

Configure your Xerox MFP

Configure your Canon MFP

Configure your Ricoh MFP

Configure your Sharp MFP


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