Udocx Form Recognition

Save cost with smooth and speedy data extraction

Udocx form recognition provides you with the tools needed to automatically extract data from your documents. It extracts text data and interprets 1D and 2D barcodes, including QR codes, from the first page. By automatically extracting this data, Udocx enables you to quickly capture data and enter it into your system, all while saving costs. Define any number of forms for recognition to a single SharePoint destination making accurate data extraction and storage easier than ever before. 

Speedy data capture

With Udocx you reduce the amount of manual steps needed to capture, process and route documents. Custom form recognition templates (multiple per SharePoint app/destination) can be linked to Udocx scan Apps, automatically extracting data when documents are scanned. Based on the extracted information Udocx can set the destination folder, reducing time spent on filing documents. The solution is flexible and can automate document processing for contracts, medical records, bills of lading and more.

Smooth data entry

All extracted data and a full-text index is embedded into the PDF/A document as structured data. Consequently, this information is made available for integration with and use across various applications. For example, if the form includes a date, price or employee number, this information can be used to auto-fill columns in SharePoint and to start workflows.

Lower costs

With Udocx, you can capture documents much more efficiently then other solutions, and because Udocx works with your existing hardware and software, your investment is limited. Moreover, there is no need to install any software on the scanners and processing takes place in the cloud. Therefore, Udocx is scalable, always available and easy to implement.

Smart filing

Udocx multi-form recognition is perfect for organizations that are looking to further automate their document storage processes, and is a standard feature when scanning to applications such as Microsoft SharePoint. Form recognition is one of the features of Udocx Smart Filing.

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