Udocx for healthcare

Better care starts with effective digitization

Better care

Much patient information is only available on paper. This hinders information exchange and hampers care. Fenestrae helps healthcare organizations provide better care to their clients by digitizing patient information in a cost effective and standardized manner. Digitizing paper documents instantly, with Fenestrae Udocx, will improve efficiency and facilitate trans-mural information exchange. Additionally, it enables the use of innovations such as big data analytics.

Intuitive Apps interface

With Udocx you create a secure connection between your scanners and all your applications. Users can select the desired destination folder with the push of a button. Our Apps interface is intuitive and efficient, regardless of the type and brand of the device. This prevents mistakes and ensures that the solution is used.

One solution for all processes

Udocx captures and processes all documents (paper, images, fax and digital). All captured documents are converted to fully searchable PDF/A files conform international medical standards. The resulting files are accessible from any device and contain a full-text index. The files can be saved in any repository, such as PACS, EHR, VNA and Microsoft SharePoint. This makes Udocx ideal for all your processes, including archiving, updating medical records, analytics, workflows and information exchange.

Integrate information with other healthcare applications

Fenestrae is an active member of the IHE, an initiative to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. Udocx fully supports the IHE standards for Cross-enterprise Sharing of Scanned Documents (XDS-SD) and the exchange via XDS and XDR profiles. Udocx also supports DICOM standards and is a member of HL7. This allows for all information digitized with Udocx to be automatically integrated with other healthcare applications. See our IHE integration statement for more information.

Lower costs

Udocx is a cloud-based scanning solution. It does not require you to install any software, either on the scanner or a server. Udocx transports and processes your documents and stores them in your own cloud or on a local server. This allows you to take optimum advantage of the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability and cost reduction, without violating any regulations you might have.

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