Configure your Sharp OSA 5.X MFP

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Sharp MFP devices are easily configured to interface with Udocx.  This article will guide you through the prerequisites for setting up your Sharp MFP device and the configuration within the Udocx Admin Portal.  This procedure is required once per device.

Sharp MFPs use the Open System Architecture (OSA) to connect to Udocx.  Currently, there are multiple OSA versions on the market. Depending on the OSA version, different steps must be followed to configure the device to use Udocx.  This article describes the steps for configuring an OSA 5.X MFP.  For configuring OSA 4.0 devices, see: Configure your Sharp OSA 4.0 MFP, and for 3.5 devices, see: Configure your Sharp OSA 3.5 MFP.

NOTE: It is recommended to check with your Sharp dealer which OSA version is running on the device and if it requires a software update.

NOTE: If your Sharp OSA 5.X MFP cannot connect directly to the Internet, see: Configure Your Service Proxy.


1.Confirm that your Sharp MFP device can access the Internet.  Attach a laptop to the network cable used by the device and ensure that you can access  If you are unable to access the Internet, you will need to resolve the issue before proceeding with the Udocx configuration.

2.Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your Sharp MFP.

3.Login as the MFP administrator and go to "System Settings" > "Sharp OSA Settings" > "Standard Application Settings".

4.Click [Add(Y)] button to add the Udocx application.

5.Fill in Udocx as application name and as the address for the application UI.

6. Ensure that the “Extended Platform” box is enabled and click [Submit(U)].

7.Now go to the MFP, select OSA and press the newly created Udocx button. You are now taken to the Udocx login screen, with the message "Sorry, this machine does not have permission to use this service. Please contact your administrator". This indicates that your MFP is successfully connected to the Udocx service, but the serial number of the device is not yet registered in the Udocx portal.

8.Login to your Udocx admin account in the Udocx administrator portal

Login to the Udocx administrator portal

9.On the “General” tab fill in:

  • Status = Enabled
  • Name = Friendly name of this MFP
  • Serial number = serial number of the MFP found via the MFP configuration
  • Manufacturer = Sharp
  • Email suffix = your email domain (you can leave this empty for now)
  • Account suffix = your UPN domain when UPN is different from email domain (you can also leave this empty for now)

Click [Save] to store this MFP configuration

10.Go to the MFP, select OSA and press the Udocx button. When the “Login to Udocx” window appears on your MFP display, you have successfully connected your device to Udocx. 

Now you're all set to configure your Udocx Applications to interface with Microsoft Office 365.  See the How to Create Apps for more information.



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