Smart Filing

Udocx smart filing offers your organization uniform and automated handling of documents, normally a labor-intensive error prone process.

Forms are intelligently identified and form data (text, barcode, QR-code) is extracted and used to accurately file the document in SharePoint. When scanning multiple documents together in one batch, page split can separate and file documents based on the smart indicator of your choice. Combined, page split and form recognition boosts efficiency and ensures accurate filing of documents with full regulatory compliance.


Form Recognition

Udocx Form Recognition allows for text, numerical data, bar codes etc. in pre-defined areas of your documents to be interpreted as unique data. For example, if the form includes a company name/address, price, or employee number, this information can be used as meta data in SharePoint. This allows Udocx to file the document in the correct document library in SharePoint and, if applicable, to start a workflow process.

Why form recognition?
With Udocx Form Recognition, the number of manual steps needed to process, route and file documents is dramatically reduced. Udocx automatically extracts form field information, and uses this data to file the document in the right location to Microsoft SharePoint.

The content from the form can therefore determine where the document should be stored, reducing time spent on filing documents manually and preventing errors. This makes the solution flexible and automates document processing for invoices, contracts, medical records, bills of lading and more.

Udocx Form Recognition is a Udocx Smart Filing feature when scanning to Microsoft SharePoint. It can be combined with other smart filing features like Udocx Page Split.


Page Split

Batch scanning made easy!
Udocx Page Split is a great feature when multiple documents are scanned in a single batch. Efficiently and accurately process any volume of documents such as invoices, bills of lading, medical forms, and HR forms, and store them in Microsoft SharePoint. 

How does Udocx know when to split batches?
Using smart indicators like bar codes, blank pages, or if a page resembles the first page of the batch, Udocx can separate the batch into individual documents. From here the separated documents are processed as new files and named individually.

No longer do you need to spend time separating documents and scanning them individually. Let Udocx do all the work. 

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