Routing based on Form Meta Data

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Meta data collection from Udocx form recognition can be used to construct the URL of the SharePoint scan destination to add efficiency to your business workflows.


1.Add form recognition to a new or existing App.

2.Select the [Application] tab and use a combination of explicit path information and form recognition meta data to construct your SharePoint destination URL.  Be sure to include the forward slash character as appropriate when contructing the URL.  A menu of available meta data fields is displayed by single mouse-clicking in the boxes.


Routing based on form meta data.


3.When routing based on form recognition, it is best practice to define a URL to use when the resulting URL is invalid due to a poor quality scan or human error.  This is a fallback location to use if the initial routing fails.  In this case, we will route to the /invoices root folder.


Error URL


4.Click [Save] to confirm the App, which will take you back to the App overview. 

NOTE: If you wish to use meta data routing while also storing meta data in columns, you can enter a specific folder first, import the columns, and then change the folder to a FieldName variable as shown above.


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