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The Ricoh MFP uses the Ricoh "Device Browser" to connect to the Udocx cloud service.  The Ricoh Device Browser consists of the "Browser Engine Module" and the "Ricoh Extended JavaScript Processing Module".  The Browser Engine Module allows the MFP to render web pages on display of the MFP and the JavaScript Processing Module allows programmatic access to the scanning functions of the device.

The Device Browser is included with some Ricoh MFP modules and available as an installable option on others.  When purchased from Ricoh as an installable option, the Device Browser is provided on an SD card.  Here we will discuss the steps required to install the Ricoh Device Browser.

NOTE: This is a general article that is applicable to all Ricoh MFP models which support the Internet browser functionality required by Udocx.  More detailed information for your particular model of MFP is available through your Ricoh distributor or Udocx support.


1.With the MFP device powered off, insert the Device Browser SD card into the service slot of the device.

2.Turn the MFP device on.  When the copier screen appears, wait 15 to 30 seconds and then press the 'System Status' key.  The Device Browser "Browser" will appear in the list of available applications. 

3.Udocx requires Cookies and Extended Java Script to be enabled on the device.  Go to the Extended Feature Settings and click on Extended Feature Info.  Verify that Javascript is installed and running.

4. Click on Administrator Tools tab and verify HTTP and HTTPS are active under Web Services Settings:

  • HTTP (Active)
  • HTTPS (Active)


Go to browser features: Bookmark > New Program > Title (Udocx) > URL (

  • Use Cookies (Turn On)
  • Javascript (Active)
  • Extended Javascript (Active)


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