Create a 'Scan to Office 365' App

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Microsoft Office 365 provides hosted implementations of Exchange, SharePoint, and other server-based Microsoft platforms. In most cases, the interface to these hosted services is identical to their private, on-premise counterparts. Programmatic access to Office 365 SharePoint, for example, is mostly identical to the way you communicate with an installation of SharePoint in your own private data center.

Therefore, you can configure Udocx for Office 365 Apps in the same way as you would create scan Apps to the on-premise versions of these platforms. Within Udocx for Office 365 you can create the following Microsoft-centric Apps:

Create a 'Scan to SharePoint' App

Create a 'Scan to SharePoint Folder' App

Create a 'Scan to Email' App

Create a 'Scan to Drafts Folder' App

Create a 'Scan to OneDrive' App

Create a 'Scan to OneDrive for Business' App


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