Udocx Service Proxy

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Udocx requires an encrypted connection between the cloud service and the MFP.  This requirement ensures that all information exchanged between your organization and the Udocx cloud is secure and cannot be intercepted by a third party while traversing the Internet.  The encryption is achieved using the latest SSL technology.  The Udocx requirement for secure communication cannot be disabled.

During the development of Udocx, it was discovered that some manufacturers have utilized non-standard or outdated versions of SSL in some of their MFP models.  As a workaround, the Udocx Service Proxy was developed.

The Udocx Service Proxy is a small server application (less than 100 MB) that can be installed on any server in your environment.  The MFP is configured to communicate with the Udocx Service Proxy without encryption.  The Service Proxy then makes an SSL connection to the Udocx cloud service and relays the data securely.

The Udocx Service Proxy is the only case in which Udocx software must be installed in your environment. MFP devices with a current, standards-based implementation of SSL do not require this additional software and can communicate with the Udocx cloud service directly.  See Configure your service proxy for more information.

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