Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Software as a Service (SaaS) describes a licensing model in which software is centrally hosted and services are provided via Internet connectivity (through a web browser or some other interface).  This licensing model is appealing to organizations for several reasons:

  • Investment in on-premise server hardware is not required, therefore the provided service becomes an Operating Expenditure (OPEX) rather than a Capital Expenditure (CAPEX).
  • In the SaaS model, the software is already installed and configured.  This allows for rapid deployment of the services in hours or days instead of weeks or months.
  • Reduced or zero administration means no extra workload for the IT department.
  • Intrinsic high-availability without the added cost of redundant hardware and/or disaster recovery sites.
  • Always up-to-date with the latest software revision including patches and hotfixes.  A large customer base means that problems can be identified and resolved quickly.
  • Internet-based services allow your employees to work from home or while traveling without the added security concerns of exposing on-premise servers to the Internet.


Udocx was designed and developed for use in the Software-as-a-Service model and utilizes cloud technology for high-availablility and volume scalability.

For organizations that are not permitted to use SaaS solutions, either through internal policy or government regulation, Udocx is also available in an on-premise, private cloud configuration in which all communication happens on the local area network and never traverses the Internet.  Contact for more information.



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