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Udocx was initially designed as a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) offering with the potential to host an effectively unlimited number of simultaneous customers.  This is due to the fact that Udocx is a true cloud service in that additional data center resources are brought online automatically to meet the current customer demand.  Most of our customers use this traditional SaaS/cloud model.

However, many government agencies (such as judicial systems and the military) and even some large organizations, have policies or regulations which do not allow their sensitive data to be hosted or otherwise pass through third-party systems (including the Internet).  Although Udocx does not store customer data and requires secure, encrypted communications for all transactions, the very concept of a hosted cloud service is inappropriate in these cases.

To service the needs of these customers, we developed the Udocx Private Cloud.  The "private" version of Udocx has all of the power and capabilities of our hosted cloud-based service but runs exclusively within the customer's own data center, providing absolute assurance of security.  In this configuration, at no point does the customer data travel outside of their own network.

Udocx private cloud solutions are customized for the specific needs of the organization and pricing is negotiated based on the size and scope of each project.  Please contact your Udocx reseller or email us directly at for more information.



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