Multi-Function Peripheral (MFP)

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"MFP" is an acronym for Multi-Function Peripheral or Multi-Function Printer.  Some manufacturers also use "MFD" for Multi-Function Device or "MFC" for Multi-Function Copier.

All of these acronyms refer to common business machines which serve multiple office roles such as copiers, network printers, scanners, fax machines, and document servers.  These all-in-one machines were developed out of the realization that many legacy office devices use the same underlying technologies.  A copier is basically a scanner attached to a printer, for example.

A modern, Internet-aware MFP with touchscreen controls is typically used to interface with the Udocx services.  Most mid-range and higher MFP models introduced since 1-January 2013 can be configured to display the Udocx interface and access the Udocx cloud service.  For entry-level and older MFP devices, Udocx Applications may also be configured to use an industry-standard SMTP interface.  See Email Enable for more information.



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