US leader in waste management relies on Udocx and its super-speed form recognition features to automate invoice storing into SharePoint to become document-compliant.

“Udocx allows us to be compliant and work more efficiently; it’s a great tool and business enabler. We are happy and planning to expand the use of Udocx into other areas of our business, for instance, for capital acquisition requests. “


Systematic and automated methods are necessary for wastewater treatment facilities when processing multiple orders and invoices in large volumes from the point of request right through to the back office. Sometimes organizations require more than just traditional form recognition. Instead, they need something smarter, that can learn, recognize forms, and retrieve specific in-document data to improve communication flows and processes.

Backoffice bottlenecks

Major midwest environmental waste management service company is one of the largest providers of non-hazardous wastewater treatment services in North America, serving large automotive companies like Honda, GM, and Ford. Their customers order a waste pickup from multiple locations, then transports and processes these diverse wastewaters streams through recycling, disposal, landfill solidification, and product destruction.

It was a constant challenge for this waste management organization to track invoice documents previously scanned. Records were filed and saved in the sent folder of their e-mail client, and all their locations processed documents differently, which was a substantial organizational liability and security risk. Hundreds of organizations continue to face the risk of non-compliance because of the lack of secure central filing systems, data loss, and, human errors. Service levels were affected, and payments delayed because invoices were hard to find and time-consuming. To retrieve information fast or even at all created inefficiencies within the accounting department impacting turnaround time and service experience to customers.

The lack of streamlined and standardized document processing and integrated workflows were creating unnecessary bottle-necks in the back office and negatively affecting organizational outputs. This organization needed a solution that would allow them to process documents and become a secure and automated function instead of a multitude of siloed time-wasting processes.

They turned to their trusted SharePoint partner, Center for Computer Resources (CCR) for a solution that would alleviate their bottle-necks and improve their document management processes with from recognition and robotic process automation.

Implementing the right solution

As a managed service provider for this waste management organization, Center for Computer Resources (CCR) was determined to find a user-friend solution without compromising compliance and security requirements. The objective was also to help the organization to transform its document management structure by implementing a solution that would automate their internal accounting processes; and the management of two manual capturing workflows. By eliminating the gap between ordering and invoicing, a smart scanning solution would allow this organization to improve performance; reduce security risks, and have information accessible at any time.

CCR turned to Udocx, a document processing solution which stores scanned and digital documents directly into SharePoint, allowing the organization to efficiently and systematically capture and file documents that are available anytime, anywhere. Further boosting productivity through improved document searchability and accessibility (powered by Udocx super speed docbot technology), Udocx also improved organizations information systems by easily integrating into its existing workflows. The waste management organization needed the ability to search for, a name, id, invoice number or shipping information from hard copy scanned documents speedily in one structured and secure place and not waste time having to capture invoices manually or store it in a ‘’random” non-compliant location.

Document management transformation

Organizations that frequently use or maintain documents containing business financials or sensitive personal information, benefit from document control software solutions. These solutions help ensure industry-specific document compliance while providing users with quick, reliable access to documents and insights.

By eliminating redundant processes, this waste management organization could expand its capacity to handle hundreds of thousands of scanned pages per year. It has been just a few months since Fenestrae partner, Center for Computer Resources, LLC implemented the Udocx solution, and the customer can already see the benefits of automation and smart digital scanning in every aspect of the business operations. Documents are now easy to find in SharePoint because of Udocx 99.9% accurate metadata extraction capabilities. Considering the success of this project, the organization has planned to expand the use of Udocx within other accounting related operations to support its capital acquisition goals. From, quickly finding documents in the same place in the same format to transforming the accounting department to becoming fully digitized and improving the overall productivity of their 22 locations, their document systems are now congruent and compliant. 

"Udocx completely changed my work-life," said Container Management and Reprocessing Services Billing Specialist. "I can now focus on the tasks that really matter instead of manually handling invoices and wasting time trying to find previous ones. Finding an invoice used to be a nightmare. Now, I can retrieve it instantly and have all insights on the invoice in a single view allowing me to respond to queries faster, ensuring timely payments."

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